Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Rev. Jeunee Cunningham--Welcoming Guests and Incorporating Members

This session enables a congregation to recognize key elements in effective welcoming and incorporation, and will stimulate new ideas for designing and implementing a local welcoming and incorporation process.

The information is presented on two different tracts--one with a small church focus targeting congregations with an Average Sunday Attendance of 70 or less, and one with a larger church focus targeting those with an Average Sunday Attendance of 70 or more.

The Rev. George Martin--Using the Media for the Mission of Reaching People

The purpose of this seminar is to inspire and demonstrate the tremendous possibilities that every church has for inviting more people into the community of faith through affordable and creative media. Based on practical advertising principles and the Biblical foundations for evangelism, the session focuses on direct marketing, the power of door to door ministry and the importance of articulating your congregation's clear mission and direction.

The session is presented twice--once for smaller congregations (those with an Average Sunday Attendance of 70 or less) and once for larger congregations (those with an Average Sunday Attendance of 70 or more). By following two different tracts information and practices particularly relevant to a congregation's size can be presented.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

May 7-11, 2007 Phoenix, Arizona

Did you attend the Start Up Start Over from May 7-11, 2007 in Phoenix? If so, please share your motivation in registering for this event. Where is your congregation located? What is its size? What did you hope to learn from the seminar?

Thinking back over the week, what was most helpful?

As you implement the ideas and teachings, please share the experience.

Simply click on the comments button below and post your response, either anonymously or by name.

October 30-Noveber 3, 2006, San Antonio

Did you attend the Fall, 2006 SUSO in San Antonio? If so, please click on the comments button below and share your experience, learnings, and any changes you have implemented in your congregation since your return. You may post anonymously or with your name.

A Different Beat: Understanding Generational Diversity

Presenter: The Rev. Dr. Tex Sample

Presentation description: Dr. Sample will share his research on the oral, literate, and electronic cultures and offer ways to pitch tent in the language of each. He will demonstrate the power of the immersion experience and provide examples of the visual and musical experiences that support transformational and prophetic worship.

From the Areopagus to Aerospace

Presenter: The Rev. Dr. Eric Elnes

Presentation Description: Use Paul's wisdom to discover Christ alive and well in modern culture. This session provides examples of ways to experience worship using technology, the arts, and other multi-sensory elements from today's culture.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life Cycle as an Evaluative Tool

Presenter: The Rev. Charles Fulton

Appropriate leadership varies for each stage in a congregation's life cycle. In this session participants learn how to interpret data to determine the life cycle stage of a congregation and ministries of a congregation. This will then inform participant's decisions regarding programming and resource allocation and outcome expectations.

For more information on life cycle download the FREE power point presentation at

(there are also free brochures which can be downloaded and printed to help congregations with life cycle questions.)